Finding Your Path and Passion

With a variety of programs, small class size and personal attention, the 鶹ɫƬ journey provides you with a clear sense of self, purpose, and the ability to lead a meaningful life.

The pathway to being happy in your job and your life is not ever a straight line. You may change majors, switch jobs, switch careers over the course of your life. Everyone goes through these ups and downs in their careers. At 鶹ɫƬ, we try to teach you the habits of curiosity, love of learning, and skills that will help you develop resilience and confidence to lead a meaningful life.

image demonstrating small class size at 鶹ɫƬ, where the average student-teacher ratio is 14:1
At 鶹ɫƬ, our small class size is one of our strengths. With a low student to faculty ratio of 14: 1, you can work closely with faculty and staff who are committed to your success.

A successful career doesn't just happen, it's earned.  And we strive to foster personal and individualized environment where you can work closely with faculty and staff that are committed to your success and will help unlock and deepen your passion for the path you are on.

The skills you learn across our core curriculum, your major(s), and all you do on campus will carry forward and be with you well beyond your time with us. But you're not alone on this journey. Here are a few more ways students at 鶹ɫƬ are supported in finding their path and discovering their passion:

  • Our low student to faculty ratio (14:1) will allow you to work closely with faculty to find the right courses, conduct research and craft a major that works for you.
  • Our average class size is 19, and every class is taught by a member of our faculty, not a teaching assistant.
  • Our commitment to experiential learning means that you will have the opportunity for internships and community-based projects that let you try out potential professions while still in school.
  • With advising, tutoring, and accessibility support that starts during orientation, the Center for Student Academic Success is with you all along the way.
  • When you meet with the Center for Career and Professional Development during your first-year, it will be the start of mapping your post-graduate success.
  • And, at 鶹ɫƬ, there is no such thing as a wrong path. With over 45 majors and minors to pick from you have a lot of options to choose from.