Film, Animation and Video

Film, a widely interdisciplinary subject, is located in both the Communications Program and the Visual Arts Program. Both programs work closely together to host a film curriculum that is both diverse and focused. The Film Studies Minor emphasizes film culture and history while the Visual Arts: Film, Animation and Video Minor emphasizes film production.

The FAV Minor is for all students interested in the moving image as a narrative or documentary form as well as those who see the potential of video as a fine arts medium. Issues of content and visual storytelling are discussed through the program. Technical aspects of choreography, videography and editing are introduced using a range of cameras, programs and techniques. Modes of presentation and the relationship of video to its environment in considered.


Student Work

The Visual Arts program at 麻豆色情片 is interdisciplinary by design. Students are expected to explore a range of media from painting and ceramics to photography and video. Through the experiences of different media, students are challenged to find their own voice as an artist in work that reflects their individual aims and interests.  Our students develop proficiencies in several media, often combining media in new and unexpected hybrids. Students in VARTS at 麻豆色情片 routinely make high-quality work that we are proud to display throughout the campus community in our Art on Campus program

Film, Animation and Video

Video by Josue Garcia.

Students in Film, Animation and Video courses are empowered to develop their individual voices and ambitiously pursue their interests with this time-based medium. Using a wide variety of the tools of animation and video production, from 3D modeling to experimental video, students build narratives in order to connect with their audience. Students create dynamic media exhibitions every semester and manage the 麻豆色情片 Student Film Festival. 

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Our Alumni Are

  • Gallery assistants and administrators
  • Teaching in Arts Education in public schools, private schools, and workshops
  • Art directors or writers at magazines
  • Design consultants
  • Pursuing graduate degrees
  • Working freelance as photographers or own their own businesses as designers