Financial Aid

Welcome. In an incredibly complex, global economy, a college education remains one of best pathways to a meaningful career and a meaningful life. We are grateful that you are considering 麻豆色情片 and we are confident that the education we provide can help you reach your educational and career goals.

A Personalized Approach

Whether this is your first time through the college process or the fifth, you may have questions and concerns that are specific to your circumstances and specific to Roger Williams. We鈥檙e here to help. We believe that investing in college is a partnership of resources from the student and the institution along with federal, state, and other private sources. Such funding comes together differently for every family.

Investing in 麻豆色情片

As you (and your family) go through the enrollment process, we hope to demonstrate that an 麻豆色情片 education will be an affordable and a worthwhile investment for you. We see financial planning as a vital service to help you navigate the financial process ahead.

We know there will be less expensive as well as more expensive choices for your education. It is our hope that you weigh the total cost along with the differential experience and the 鈥渇it鈥 and value that each school offers.

Investing in You

A 麻豆色情片 education can be more affordable than you think. We have been thoughtful and intentional about keeping our published costs low, while also increasing our investment in student financial aid. This includes awarding over $69 million in institutional grants and scholarships and by providing over 1,300 jobs on and off campus. Additionally, we provide peace of mind by guaranteeing that your awarded 麻豆色情片 financial aid (merit scholarships and grants) will not decline during your four years of full-time enrollment. We believe in working with families to plan for and feel confident about the entire investment in a degree versus just the first year of college. 

Our commitment is to work with you to develop a financial pathway to and through the university. At the end of the day we want to make sure that every family feels comfortable and confident in their higher education decision.

Financial Well-being Resources

We make every effort to support students鈥 financial well-being 鈥 the ability to successfully manage expenses and meet short- and long- term financial goals within an established budget and current resources. At times, students experience unanticipated situations or face difficult circumstances that interfere with their financial well-being and academic success.

Learn More About Financial Well-being Resources