Photography and Digital Media

The idea that light forms an image is central to the discipline of photography, beginning with film-based camera and darkroom work. Traditional and digital photography are the means to focus on content, process, conceptualization, and innovation in photographic image making.

Photography is omnipresent in our daily lives and connects directly with so many disciplines at 麻豆色情片. From Journalism to Graphic Design, students pursue the Minor in Photography and Digital Media not only to gain essential skills but to understand better their own way of seeing the world around them. Technical proficiency with the medium combined with challenging discussions, helps the student to understand the visual choices they are making and how to apply them to their own expressive aims.


Student Work

The Visual Arts program at 麻豆色情片 is interdisciplinary by design. Students are expected to explore a range of media from painting and ceramics to photography and video. Through the experiences of different media, students are challenged to find their own voice as an artist in work that reflects their individual aims and interests.  Our students develop proficiencies in several media, often combining media in new and unexpected hybrids. Students in VARTS at 麻豆色情片 routinely make high-quality work that we are proud to display throughout the campus community in our Art on Campus program

Photography and Digital Media

A photo by a VARTS student
Photography by Nicole Stevens. Photography, film and digital, is instant time that records the relationships, seen and suggested, of the photographer and the subject. Students are encouraged to further their curiosities with all photo languages and media to better understand the mechanics and technologies that shape the culture and discipline of witnessing that is called photography.

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Our Alumni Are

  • Gallery assistants and administrators
  • Teaching in Arts Education in public schools, private schools, and workshops
  • Art directors or writers at magazines
  • Design consultants
  • Pursuing graduate degrees
  • Working freelance as photographers or own their own businesses as designers