Public Humanities and Arts

Students will discover relevant principles and practices in Public Humanities and Arts, including scholarship, pedagogy, production, exhibition, preservation, and administration.

The Public Humanities and Arts minor at 麻豆色情片 stages opportunities for students to learn from our community about their histories, heritage, and cultures, equipping them to practice historically-informed engagement on social problems. This course prepares future generations of professionals to enter into the world with cultural humility and the capacity to engage equitably and justly with others.

Degree Requirements


Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and articulate the value of the humanities and arts in the public sphere.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to use skills in areas such as critical thinking and analysis, digital literacy, written and spoken communication, and/or foreign languages, and research methods in community settings.
  3. Demonstrate awareness of how to develop and manage public-facing projects, such as working with budgets, project management, website and database design and maintenance, and grant writing.
  4. Demonstrate general knowledge about one or more areas of potential public facing arts and humanities initiatives such as curation, exhibition design, cultural and non-profit management, digital humanities, heritage/ historic preservation, public presentation, teaching, and archival research.
  5. Understand current debates about the ethics of working with communities through the lenses of, racial and community justice, decolonization and equity across a broad range of constituencies.
  6. Demonstrate essential intercultural competency skills that support the ability to communicate and function effectively across cultures, such as intercultural awareness and knowledge, self-reflection, empathic imagination, and the ability to analyze diverse perspectives.