Real Estate

The Real Estate minor at 麻豆色情片 provides students a strong foundation in the multi-disciplinary field of real estate focused on property development, design, construction, business, sustainability, law, and finance. Coursework focuses on local examples of key national and global issues, such as coastal resiliency, historic and cultural preservation, affordable housing, community health and engagement, and regional growth.

The Minor in Real Estate is open to all undergraduate students. The program is designed to help students understand the essential knowledge and skills in the real estate industry and, if desired, pursue advanced studies in real estate.

The minor compliments many existing majors, such as architecture, business, preservation, construction management, environmental studies, and several liberal arts majors. Students are also encouraged to consider a 4+1 degree track with the Masters of Real Estate program.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses, 3 courses

  1. REAL 101 Introduction to Real Estate and Resilient Communities
  2. REAL 302/502 Real Estate Economics, Capital Markets, and Investment
  3. REAL 443/543 Project Development and Finance

Elective Menu, 2 courses

*Choose two courses with different prefixes. At least one course must be outside your major.

ARCH 324 Evolution of Urban Form 

CD 350 Housing and Dev Skills

CIS 350 Geographical Analysis of Data 

CJS 428 Crime Prevention

CNST 461 Residential Construction & Development 

CNST 475 Construction Project Controls

ECON 211 Intermediate Microeconomics 

LS 380 Property Ownership & the Law

LS 220 Fundamentals of Contract Law

MATH 225 Intro to Data Science 

MGMT 200 Principles of Management 

PA 201 Public Administration

PHIL 200: Ethics

PLAN 301 Intro to Urban and Regional Planning 

POLSC 361 State and Local Government

PRES 320 American Cultural Landscapes

SUST 301 Analysis and Decision-Making for Sustainability 

URBN 100 Intro to Urban Studies

WTNG 305 Writing the City